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      The legend SHANKS The savior
    Mar 2013

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    as i thought he focuses in one thing and ignores the other oda what are you thinking about it
    you are the man

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      ٱ ٱ ޢޢ
    Oct 2011

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    The legend SHANKS
    as i thought he focuses in one thing and ignores the other oda what are you thinking about it
    you are the man

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      kaido najeh ........
    Jan 2010

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    [Chapter 706
    I Wont Mock You
    Cover Story:
    Caribous Kehihihihi in the New World
    Volume 26
    Left behind: Granny and a single photo
    Page 2:
    Blurb: This guy is!
    Announcer: Also in B-block is this man, showing up a bit late!!
    Over the course of just a single year, hes smashed through the New World like a comet, rising to fame!!
    The Crazed Rookie of unparalleled brutality!!!
    He was behind the distribution of the skewered pirate barbeque broadcast!!!
    Hes bombarded and set ablaze virtuous citizens!!!
    Hes the number one pirate wished dead by all!!!
    Text box: Captain of the Barto Club Pirate Crew
    Bartolomeo the Cannibal
    Bounty: 150 million berries
    Page 3:
    Announcer: The pirate, Bartolomeo!!!
    Barto: Im sending ya all to hell!!!
    Crowd: Get outta here!!!
    How about you go to hell instead!!!
    Barto: Hehhahaha
    Crowd: Eh!!? Did he really!!
    Guard: What do you think youre doing!!!
    Page 4:
    Toy: Its a bomb!!!
    Crowd: Uwahh!!!
    Outta the way you old coot!!
    Its a full house! Theres nowhere to run!!
    Let me out! Ladies first, right!?
    Somebody save me! Ive got plenty of money if you do!!
    Sfx: *thunk*
    Its a ball
    Sfx: *roll roll*
    Sfx: **
    Barto: How shameless
    Sfx: *Boooooooooo!!!*
    Dagama: Impressive. You truly are hated.
    Barto: No need to be liked by a bunch of shitheads
    Page 5:
    Announcer: But theres still more in B-block!!
    One final entrant!!! The polar opposite of Nutsolomeo!!!
    He loves and respects our countrys king, Doflamingo!!!
    Hes a man who presented a giant pillar of gold from a far off land
    And pledged his absolute loyalty!!!
    Crowd: Ohh!! Could it be!?
    Kyahh <3
    In nations that would mock us as a kingdom of barbarian pirates,
    He has destroyed and suppressed entire cities without remorse!! Dressrosas Vengeful Bullet!!!
    And finally, on this day
    He has received an opportunity from our king!!!
    Page 6:
    Text: Back of the colosseum
    Guard: The medical room is over there
    We dont have enough stretchers, so those who can walk on their own should do so!
    Fighter: Shit to think that he would be participating!!
    Luffy: He really messed these guys up
    That champion guy!
    Medic: Get a grip! Its over! Youre fine!!
    Fighter: Scary that monster gonna kill me!!
    Bellamy: Oi
    My eyesight aint that bad
    Page 7:
    No matter how much you disguise yourself
    Id never forget the face of the bastard who left such a scar on my career!!!
    Text: Former Captain of the Bellamy Pirate Crew
    Bellamy the Hyena: (User of the Hane Hane no Mi)
    Bounty 195 Million Berries
    Luffy: Oh! Its you!!
    The guy who caused all that trouble for old man chestnut
    Bellamy: Its Bellamy.
    Luffy: Right, Bellamy!!
    Whyre you here!?
    Bellamy: Its not like I live on Jaya
    Im free to go wherever I want
    Page 8:
    Bellamy: Doflamingo has been something of an idol to me since I was a kid
    I dont much care about the Mera Mera no Mi but there is a reason why Ive got to win this thing!!
    Luffy: So well be fighting again, then!!
    Bellamy: But Im not the man I was back then!!
    Strawhat I went to sky island
    I lost my crewmates but everything I thought I knew was shaken
    Luffy: You went to Skypiea!?
    You!! You better not have laid a hand on those sky people!!
    Bellamy: Well
    Anyway, Ive no grudge against you anymore
    In order to overcome the great wave thats coming
    I will place myself on Doflamingos ship!!
    I wont mock you anymore
    Page 9:
    Announcer: Should he triumph in todays event!!
    His tenacity will finally bear fruit!! It has been decided that in the event of victory, he will be publicly promoted
    To the rank of officer, in the Donquixote Family!!!
    That nominee to win the whole thing is none other than!!
    The pirate!!!
    Bellamy the Hyena!!!
    Crowd: Bellamy!!
    Cavendish: He sure is popular that guy.
    What block are you in, Lucy?
    Luffy: Im in
    Page 10:
    Middle banner: C-Block, 139 Participants
    Text: There are impressive heavy hitters in every block
    Martial Artist Sai
    Gladiator Lucy
    Assassin Kelly Funk
    Bounty Hunter Jean Ango
    Martial Artist Boo
    Boxer Ideo
    The Fighting Bull
    Giant Warrior Hairudin
    Former Pirate Don Chinjao
    Assassin Bobby Funk
    Page 11:
    Middle Banner: D-Block 138 Participants
    Mummy the Shaman
    Adventurer Orlumbus
    Pirate Cavendish
    Gladiator Meadows
    The Fighting Lion
    Gladiator Rebecca
    Pyromaniac Damask
    Squad Captain Rolling Logan
    Gladiator Acilia
    Suleiman The War Criminal
    Page 12:
    Announcer: Its B-blocks 138 man battle royale!!
    Falling out of the ring will result in disqualification!!
    As will dying in the ring!!!
    Text: B-Block: 138 Participants
    Fighting King Elizabello the Second
    Squad Captain Tank Lepanto
    Criminal Abdullah
    Fighter Blue Gilly
    Pirate Bartolomeo
    Page 13:
    Announcer: Only one will be left standing!!!
    And heres the starting
    Text: Gladiator Ricky
    Pirate Bellamy
    Strategist Dagama
    Fishman Fighter Hack
    Criminal Jeet
    Page 14:
    Bellamy: Well who should I start with?
    Fighters: Uuhoorryah!!!
    Page 15:
    Fighter: Should we deal with Bellamy first!?
    Sfx: *punch punch*
    Dagama: Thats right!! He seems like hell be a nuisance, so we should crush him before the numbers start thinning!!
    Bellamy: These guys what the hell
    Theyre like an army unit!!
    Barto: Cant call this much of a battle royale
    Dagama: You can cry about how unfair we are as much as you want once youre dead, gamahahaha!!
    Only one survivor will be crowned winner. All that matters is that final result!!
    Blurb: The stage is set for a fierce battle!!

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      ŜaŁMaŊ KiĐ The wolf
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