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    694 :



    One Piece 694
    The Most Dangerous Man
    Cover Story: Caribous Kehihihihi in the New World
    Volume 16
    The Hags Delicious Meat Pie and Valuables
    Page 2:
    Panel 1: The aftermath of the clash!
    Panel 2 sfx: *rattle*.. *clatter*..
    Panel 3 sfx: *rattle*.. *bloop*
    Panel 4 sfx: *gloop*
    Panel 5 sfx: *gloopbloop*
    Panel 6 sfx: *bloopbloopbloop*
    Panel 7 sfx: *ssssss*
    Panel 8 sfx: *fuuuuu*
    Page 3:
    B5: Did you enjoy that? My Missile Girls
    Burning Passion!!!
    Buffalo: Baby-5, do you need these weapons?
    I mean, youre already a weapon-woman!!
    B5: Ah, you picked them up for me, Buffalo.
    Theres a good reason for why I have them
    Buffalo: Someone suckered you into buying them, didnt they!!!
    Salesman: The owner of these weapons will surely find happiness
    And if you buy them from me, Ill be happy too!!
    B5: Eh Im needed!!
    Buffalo: Behind you!! Baby-5!!!
    Franky: I dont know who you work for but
    Page 4:
    Franky: Im the invincible Iron Pirate [add in the musical notes here, Mr. Editor!!]
    Sfx: *fwoosh*
    Franky: I dont give a damn
    About peace on the sea
    Iron Pirate
    B5: How tenacious!!
    Revolver Girl!!!
    Page 5:
    Franky: Oww!!!
    As if thatd work!!!
    Caesar: Haa haa
    Sfx: *tremble tremble*
    So its Baby-5 and Buffalo haa looks like Im saved
    But before that!!!
    Page 6:
    Text: S.A.D. Production Room
    Dofla: Im sorry, old friend
    You go back further with me than anyone else
    Thanks for everything
    Up until now
    Text: S.A.D. Transport Passage (Escape Route)
    Momo: Kiki Kinemon, you said?
    Luffy: Oi, whats wrong, Momo?!
    Someone: Eh!? Whys there a dragon here with us!?
    Momo: Kiki!! Ah!!!
    Page 7:
    Momo: Honor!!
    Honorable father!!!
    Brook: Gyahh this eels attacking!!!
    Momo: Father!!! What wretched form is this!! It is I, that it is!!
    Momonosuke, that I
    Sfx: *gurgle*
    Luffy: Oi, Momo!!
    Robin: Eh
    Page 8:
    Kids: Uwahh!!
    Tashigi: What!?
    Marines: Something exploded!!!
    Law: Its D-block.
    The S.A.D. Production Room!!!
    Kid: Wahh!!
    Luffy: Watch out!!!
    Page 9:
    Someone: This passage is crumbling!!
    Law: Were in a tunnel under the mountain
    Well be buried alive if it collapses!!
    Usopp: Then how can you act so calm!?
    Someone: Those rocks are blocking the way!!
    Were gonna crash!!
    Grunts: Uohhh!! Amazing, were saved!!!
    Id hate for him to be our enemy!!! Although he already is!!!
    Page 10:
    Text: C-block
    Detonation switch for the poison gas weapon
    Monet: Just now
    There was an explosion somewhere
    Such a small shock
    Wouldnt be enough to completely erase this island!!
    Page 11:
    Monet: Goodbye, young master.
    Its going to be you.
    The man who becomes
    Pirate King!!!
    Page 12:
    Caesar: Go to hell, Smoker!!!
    Monet: *cough*
    Page 13:
    Dofla: Monet
    Sfx: *fwump*
    Dofla: Did something happen
    Answer me!!!
    Kids: Hurry, trolley!!!
    This place is falling apart!!!
    Page 14:
    Smoker: Hey, Law.
    Why did Caesar think he had my heart?
    Law: Youre really asking such a thing here and now!?
    Caesar: Give me your heart!!
    And in exchange, Ill entrust Monets heart to you!!
    With that, our contract is complete!!!
    Grunt: Master, Mr. Law and Smoker are having a wild fight!!
    Heart sfx: *ba-bump* *ba-bump*
    Caesar: What a lovely gift.
    Shurororo so this is Smokers heart
    Page 15:
    Law: Hes the one who went ahead and assumed that
    All I did was to kindly return
    The heart of that secretary, Monet.
    You know, they say that good things will come
    To those who do good deeds.
    Law: Do we have anyone who can produce a gust of wind?
    Theres probably gas waiting for us at the exit
    Grunts: Eh!!? As if we would just happen to have such a specialized ability user here with us!!
    Nami: Ah I can do that.
    You can!!?
    Someone: Ah!! I can see the exit!!!
    Page 16-17:
    Text: Dressrosa
    Oldies: Young master
    Is he not there!?
    He should be up on the fourth floor
    Girl: He wasnt there.
    And the window was open.
    Oldy: Ah, is that so
    Then I dont know
    Hes gone out alone, again.
    Top panel of the spread:
    Text: The Sea
    Baby-5: The truth is some sort of iron soldier is getting in our way!!
    Dofla: But everythings still alright, there?
    I mean if there hasnt been a massive explosion on that island
    Ill leave it to you two to take care of that nuisance!!!
    Dofla sfx: *whoosh* *whoosh* *flutter flutter* *whoosh*
    Bottom panel of the spread:
    Dofla: Im on my way

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    695 :



    One Piece Chapter 695
    Leave It To Us!!!
    Cover Story: Caribous Kehihihihi in the New World
    Volume 17
    A meat pie and directions to the harbor for Caribou
    Page 2:
    Text box: Beach of Punk Hazard
    Editor blurb: The rampaging hooligan: General!
    Buffalo: Nuuuu!!
    What the hell!!!
    None of our attacks have any effect on that iron soldier!!!
    *pant* *pant*
    Franky: Thats what happens when you try to take someones cola!!!
    Buffalo: Cola!? What are you blathering about!!?
    But theres no one who can block this next attack!!!
    Franky: No matter what you do, its super-useless!!!
    Page 3:
    Buffalo: With this spinning weapon
    Well gouge that body through and through
    B5: Sickle Girl!!!
    Franky: OK.
    Ill give you credit for that one.
    Page 4-5:
    Franky: Its no small feat to pierce the Generals body, but thats all youve done.
    This sort of attack its like a mantis striking a battleship!!!
    Buffalo: Uuuhh!!
    Buffalo sfx: *wobble*
    Buffalo: Uoohhh
    B5: Ahh
    Franky: The ship that will one day tame these seas- The Thousand Sunny
    The power of its ultimate secret weapon!! Itll be wasted on you guys, but allow me to show you!!!
    B5: Gyahhh
    Franky: The land-based spinoff of the Gaon Cannon!!!
    Franky (top panel): I
    call it
    Sfx: *puff*
    General Cannon!!!!
    Page 6:
    Buffalo: What the this guy
    Why is this guy stopping us from retrieving Caesar!!!
    Franky: Hmm?
    Whos that lying over there
    Its Caesar, isnt it?
    Whys he here!?
    Page 7:
    Buffalo: !!! Im not done just yet
    I dont care who you are or where youre from
    Franky: Oi oi thats pretty shocking hes not just some ordinary guy
    Buffalo: We cant have you writing us off as mere trash
    Were defending Jokers name here!!!
    B5: It doesnt matter what you do well be taking Caesar
    Franky: I see, so your goal is Caesar, over there!?
    Someone: Its the exit! Were almost there!!!
    Usopp: Blast that wind, Nami!!
    A world of poison is right ahead of us!!
    Page 8:
    All: Were out!!!
    B5: Ehh!?
    Luffy: Ah!!
    Franky: So theyre finally here. I was getting sick of waiting!!
    Luffy: Ohhh!! Look over there!!
    Usopp: Uoohhh!!!
    Chopper: Its Shogun!!!
    Page 9:
    Kids and marines: Eh
    Its a robot!!!
    How awesome!!
    Girls sfx: *stare*
    Law: Buffalo!! !!
    And youre Baby-5!!?
    B5: Law!!! Are you really going against Joker!?
    Buffalo: This traitor!! To think that for your sake
    Joker was still holding onto the seat of heart
    Luffy: Hm? Whore they? Friends of yours?
    Law: No
    Page 10:
    Law: Theyre enemies!!!
    Caesar: Nnn!?
    Buffalo: Its the whole crew, along with the G-5 Marines!! Were at a real disadvantage here!!!
    Gray sfx: *whirl*
    Caesar: Uoohhh ohh whats going on, Baby-5?
    Buffalo: In any case
    (This line is in the same panel, but on the next page. Bottom right of page 11): Well be bringing Caesar back to the young master!!!
    Page 11:
    Usopp: Theyre getting away with Caesar!! Alright, leave it to us!!
    Flying enemies are work for a sniper!!
    Law: Those guys
    Sfx: *hyururu*
    Luffy: Oi oi
    Usopp just told you to leave it to us
    Zoro: It wouldnt be smart to underestimate our sniper
    Just because hes got a long nose!!
    Law: Dont be stupid.
    In the event that they get away, our whole strategy will
    Nami: We formed an alliance, didnt we!?
    Id appreciate it if you trusted us just a bit!!
    Zoro: Huh? What alliance?
    Nami: Ive just been running away all day
    Time to get in some licks, myself
    Page 12:
    Nami: Im not afraid of far-away enemies whove lost the will to fight!!!
    Usopp: If theyre wounded and running, leave them to us!!!
    Zoro: Whatever, just get on with it!!
    Usopp: Now, a bit of water!!
    Gray sfx: *squeeze*
    Usopp: Help me out again!!
    Grow Up!!
    Sfx: *chomp chomp*
    Usopp: From Black Kabuto into Chomp Grass!!!
    Page 13:
    Usopp: Eat up, now!! Load up on ammo!!
    White sfx: *gape*
    Gray sfx: *munch munch*
    B5: Be on guard, Buffalo!!
    Theyre about to do something!!
    Buffalo: Im the one flying here!! Weve got to see this mission through!!
    I need you to have my back, Baby-5!!
    B5: Roger!! So you really need me!? Ill stop those attacks even if it costs me my life!!
    Somethings flying towards us!!
    Page 14:
    Nami: Weather Egg!!
    Now, be born!!
    White sfx: *split*
    B5: A thundercloud!!?
    Buffalo, Ive got a bad feeling about this!!
    Buffalo: Im already going at top speed!!!
    Nami: No, you wont get away.
    Sfx: *flip*
    Page 15:
    Buffalo: Uwahh!!!
    Nami: This is weather science!!! Thunder breed!!!
    Black sfx: *swing*
    B5: No way!!
    Gray sfx: *fwip*
    Nami: Tempo!!!
    B5: Gyahhhh
    Buffalo: Dyahhhh ga ga ga
    Page 16:
    Buffalo: !! Baby-5!!
    Shit shes done for!!
    Usopp: And now the finisher. Lets do it, Chomp Grass!!!
    White sfx: *pi*
    Usopp: Special!!! Meteor Storm Assault!!!
    Buffalo: Uwahhh
    Page 17:
    Caesar: Oh!! Oi, Buffalo youve gotta protect me!! I cant move
    Buffalo: Of course. Dont underestimate me. I will carry out my mission for the Donquixote Family!!!
    Caesar: That moron!! No help at all!!
    Oh!!? You think thatll work on me? Im gas!!
    IIll get to Dressrosa on my own!!
    Usopp: Its useless. The final shot was
    Page 18:
    Usopp: The seastone cuffs!!!
    Black sfx: *twirl*
    Caesar: Gubehhh!!!!
    All: Alright, you got him!!!
    Whaddya say to that, Caesar!!!
    Usopp: Just leave fleeing enemies to me
    Someone: Yeah, we got it already!!
    Page 19:
    Law: Well the first stage is complete
    Luffy: How was that? Theyre pretty good, arent they!
    Aokiji: Nnn
    I overslept a bit
    Which way to Punk Hazard?
    Editor blurb: Whos this figure, drifting about on the waves!?

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    697 :



    One Piece 697
    Cover Story Caribous Kehihihihi in the New World
    Volume 19
    Granny Drives away the Mysterious Soldiers
    Page 2:
    Editor blurb: They aim to defeat a Yonkou!! But!?
    Law: Youll take down all the Yonkou!?
    Were after the same thing, but I think youre underestimating them.
    These are the emperors who once engaged in territory battles with Whitebeard himself.
    And the one known as Kaidou of the Hundred Beasts
    Is said to be the strongest creature in the world
    Nami: Eh!? What! Hes not even human!?
    Law: Our alliance will last until we take down Kaidou.
    The chance of my plan succeeding is
    about 30%...
    Nami: Thats way too low!! What a terrible proposition!! Come on, Luffy!!
    Page 3:
    Luffy: Is that so Alrighty.
    Lets do it.
    Nami: Luffy!!?
    Law: Its not as if I have a particular reason
    For letting you live White Hunter.
    Anyway, Im planning on heading to Green Bit now, but
    Sfx: *shift*
    I wonder if Ill really be able to manage
    Strawhat-yas crew!!
    Page 4:
    Buffalo: Nee neen
    Smoker: So am I to understand that youll be using the tanker?
    Luffy: Nah. Nami and Chopper said that theres no way were leaving
    Until we know that the kids have set off safely.
    And there could be trouble if any Marines besides you guys take them,
    So we need you to go ahead use the tanker for that.
    Page 5:
    Marine: Get on the boat, brats!!
    Were taking you home!
    Kids: Wahh!!
    Marine: Hey, hey, Strawhat crew!!
    If the tanker is ours
    Thats right!!
    You cant come over here!!!
    This is the border that separates justice from evil!!
    Luffy: That again? Werent we just having a party together!?
    Marine: You dumb bastard!!
    Yeah, about that, thanks a lot for the hospitality!!
    But youre pirates!! The shame of all humanity!!
    Page 6:
    Kids: Big sis Nami-chan!!
    Wheres the robot?
    Huh? And where are the other pirate guys!?
    Sanji: You guys what a pain.
    Whats the point of this
    Marines: Make a barrier!! You shouldnt lay eyes on such pirates!!
    Franky: You guys dont look so different than us, G-5.
    Nami: But it looks like theyre safely aboard.
    Marines: With our justice
    Well mop up any pirates who would dare to make good people cry!!
    Pirates are the scum of the earth!!
    Page 7:
    Nami: They said theyll consult with Vegapunk about the candy and the healing process.
    Chopper: Really? Thats great!
    Luffy: Ok, we should set sail too
    Zoro: Hey, is he coming with us?
    Usopp: Ah, right. You dont know about the alliance yet.
    Marines: We are justice!!
    We wont let the brats see these pirates!!
    Sanji: Run you guys!!! Run if you dont want to die!!!
    Kids: Big bro swirly!!!
    The marines are blocking them!!!
    Move out of the way!!!
    Marine: Nuuu.!!!
    Anyone who would say goodbye to pirates is a bad kid
    Well leave you on this island if you try to thank them or anything like that!!!
    Page 8:
    Marines: Got it? Pirates are evil!!
    Its the Marines that represent justice!!
    Mochya: But when we asked them to save us
    They did
    Even though they didnt know anything about us
    They didnt care that we were giants,
    And they went and got us out of there.
    I wanna go home!!
    Kid: Well go home soon just hang in there!!
    On an island with nothing, where no one would ever come for us
    They came!!
    Chopper: Im so sorry!!!
    If only Id found you sooner!!!
    Page 9:
    Marines: Pirates are dirty and smelly
    But the Marines are-
    Kids: If you dont let us say goodbye to them
    Then the marines are just a bunch of-
    Tashigi: Wait!!
    Sorry about this!!
    Marines: The Marines are brave and always in the right
    Tashigi: Please stop, you guys!!!
    This is disgraceful!!!
    Marine: Uu!!
    But Tashigi-chan!!!
    If we dont keep insulting them!!
    These no-good outlaws!!
    Page 10:
    Marines: Were gonna end up liking them!!!
    Even though theyre pirates!!!
    Luffy: Hahaha
    What weird marines.
    Page 11:
    Kids: Pirate big bros!! Big sisters!!
    Thank you for saving us!! When we grow up, well definitely
    Become pirates!!!
    Marines: Dont do that!!!
    Be ready for the next time we meet!!
    Luffy: See ya!!
    Well be enemies again!!!
    Were gonna catch ya!!
    Page 12:
    Sfx: *whoosh* *whoosh*
    Page 13:
    DD: Haa
    Looks like Ive run into a spot of bad luck
    You brats!!!
    How can it be that the Sky Road has been interrupted!!! Fuffuffu!!
    Page 14:
    Buffalo: Young master!!!
    B5: Shit!! We were really betrayed by Law!!
    Buffalo: Theres no excuse!! Well accept death as penance!!
    B5: Even though I was needed I couldnt answer the call!!
    Page 15:
    DD: This is the life raft from my tanker, isnt it
    Buffalo: Weve lost all honor!!
    In the end, we
    DD: Its fine. Say no more...
    You two
    Were just following my orders
    Law: Well this is surprising
    The boss himself makes an appearance
    Page 16:
    DD: Law
    Its been such a long time yet we still cant manage to meet properly
    Law: If youre looking for Caesar, hes with me.
    CC: JoJoker, help me!!!
    DD: Where are Baby-5 and Buffalos bodies?
    Law: Come now dont ask such superfluous questions.
    Lets make a deal
    DD: Fufuffuffuffuffu!!
    Hey Law, hold your horses. Children shouldnt go around acting like grownups!!
    Where are you now!?...
    Dont make me angry!!
    Page 17:
    Law: Make you angry? Right now, your most important business partner
    Is one of the Yonkou the great pirate Kaidou of the Hundred Beasts
    Id imagine that, rather, its YOU who shouldnt go and make him angry!!
    Whatll happen if hes informed that you can no longer produce SMILEs?
    Buffalo: Young master your face
    Law: Hes not a very understanding man!!!
    It would result in a terrible conflict, no?
    Youd be killed.
    DD: Enough with the jokes, Law!! What do I have to do to get Caesar back!?
    Hurry up and tell me your demands!!
    Page 18:
    Law: Resign from the Shichibukai!!!
    Buffalo: What an impudent brat!!
    B5: We wouldnt be able to stay at Dressrosa anymore
    Law: Just throw away everything youve built over the past 10 years and become a simple pirate again.
    But of course, if you do that, Marine HQs Admirals will hunt you down!!
    You have until tomorrows morning edition
    Page 19:
    If the newspaper reports that youve shed your Shichibukai title
    Ill be contacting you again
    If theres no such report then thats the end of our negotiations
    DD: Wait a minute, Law!!!
    Sfx: *click*
    Sfx: *sss* *sss*
    DD: Haa
    B5: Young master
    Sfx: *snap*
    Editor blurb: Overflowing with rage!!

    697 mediafire

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    698 :

    one piece 698 raw


    One Piece
    Chapter 698
    Doflamingo Appears
    Cover Story:
    Caribous Kehihihihi in the New World
    Volume 20
    To the harbor
    Page 2:
    Editor blurb: What has G-5 noticed!?
    Marines: The gas has no effect!?
    This protective gear was developed by Vegapunk
    Hes really way smarter than Caesar!
    But Caesar knew that. Thats why
    Thats why he said the gear wouldnt provide protection
    He told them to strip it off in order to run away at full speed
    So thats why his men got petrified
    Hey, hurry up!!
    Our hardened friends are all still paralyzed, in a state of suspended animation. Theyre not out of the woods yet
    Ah but
    Because of that, theyve only got another half day or so before they absorb the poison and die!! Weve got to find them and break those shells!!
    Page 3:
    BB: Uoh ho, thanks for this. To think youd give us permission to head back into the island!!
    I wont forget your name!!
    Now I can save my men!! But Ill definitely come back here so you can arrest me!!
    Smoker: Whatever. This the only exit hurry up and go now.
    Marines: What do we do now all we have to take in are these.
    Are these guys pirates?
    This is kind of creepy
    Buffalo sfx (x2): *thud* *thud*
    B5 sfx (x1): *wiggle wiggle*
    Page 4:
    Marine: Hmm? Ah!!
    Huh!? I see a head, incoming!!
    Eh? What are you
    Youre right, theyre heads!!!
    Buffalo: Oof
    They came flying down!!!
    B5: Ah!!!
    Page 5:
    Marines: Eh!?
    Sfx: *whoosh*
    Smoker: Thats!!
    Marine: Do-!!
    Page 6:
    Marines: Why
    Why is he here!?
    Page 7:
    DD: Fuffuffuffu!!
    Marines: !!!
    That was Conquerors Haki!!!
    What do you think youre doing!!?
    DD: Theyre all gone, huh
    No ship either
    Marines: Whys a Shichibukai attacking Marines!!?
    DD: But Im sure there were pirates here just a little while ago.
    Now where have they gone
    Marines: How dare you do that to our comrades!!!
    Smoker: Look out, you guys!!!
    DD: Smoker!!!
    Page 8:
    DD: Law aside
    Strawhat is just a common pirate!!
    Now where have they run off to!!!
    Marines: Gyahhh!!!
    Page 9:
    DD: What direction did those brats head in!!?
    Law: Im planning on heading to Green Bit now, but
    Smoker: Well, I dont really know.
    They slipped right through our fingers Ill have a lot to answer for to Base Commander Vergo

    DD: So theyre gone then!!?
    But you it seems like you know a bit too much!!!
    Marines: Smo-ya
    Vice Admiral Smo!!!
    Page 10:
    Keep your eyes peeled for reefs!!
    Luffy: Its like were going down a slope!! Whats with these waters!?
    The ships going real fast!!
    Law: Its a Seaslope. There are plenty of them.
    Usopp: Never heard of them!!
    Franky: No, Brook. Its not a lamb. Its Mini Merry #2.
    Incidentally youre the eighth person whos asked
    You see, there was a channel right near the lab, yeah?
    So I took Sunny and escaped from there.
    After hitting the ocean, I went right back to the entrance in order to retrieve the Mini Merry.
    Map notes:
    Top: Laboratory
    Bottom: Entrance
    Brook: Ah, I see. So in the end,
    Lamb-chan was alright. Thank goodness.
    Page 11:
    Luffy: Nami!! Where was it again? Wherere we going now?
    Nami: Somewhere called Dressrosa
    Tora-man-kun said that well arrive there
    Not by following this middle needle directly, but by taking a roundabout route.
    Kinemon: DDressrosa!?
    Luffy: You know it?
    Kinemon: The the island that we errr that I wish to go to
    Is just that, that it is!! Do you people also have business there!?
    Luffy: Yeah, probably! Tora-man!
    Who were you talking to before!?
    Law: Doflamingo.
    Usopp: Doflamingo!? The guy known as the worst of the Shichibukai!!
    Law: The plan is already in motion.
    Zoro: What plan are you talking about?
    Luffy: Oh yeah, tell us the plan!! Everybody, gather round!!
    Page 12:
    All: Were in an alliance in order to bring down a Yonkou!!?
    Zoro: A Yonkou, huh! Sounds good.
    Usopp: Nothing good about it!!
    Hold on now!! Everyone just calm down
    Luffy! Did you really just go ahead and ally yourself with some mysterious guys?
    Yup! Were in alliance now!
    Our crew and Tora-mans!! So lets all be friends!! Shishishi!!
    Usopp: One member is opposed to this motion!!
    Brook: Whats the point of opposing?
    Sanji: Luffys already decided, right?
    Im warning you now. Your idea of an alliance
    And Luffys version are probably a bit different. So be careful.
    Page 13:
    Sanji: So thats why Luffy was going on and on about kidnapping
    Because if you were about to tell me to cook up this weird sheep that youve caught
    Even I might have taken issue
    CC: Shurororo. Dont think you all are going to get away with what youve done!!
    Youll have some real big players after you now, you fools!!!
    You will come to understand how stupid youve been!!!
    And you will die!!!
    Chopper: Sanji!! Im in the middle of fixing him up!!!
    You can have at him when Im done!!
    Sanji: When youre done, huh.
    Law: On Punk Hazard, I asked you to kidnap Caesar.
    And I destroyed the equipment used to produce the chemical known as S.A.D.
    Page 14:
    The big pirate crews in the New World have divided most of the sea
    Into spheres of influence, where they command countless underlings.
    They reign over like a giant crime syndicate.
    The current scale of this setup is unprecedented!!
    If just a single pirate crew were to rise up to challenge them, you wouldnt even get an audience with a captain!!
    But it really does function like the underworld.
    Without attracting too much attention from the Marines
    They conduct their necessary dealings in shadow!!
    The most trusted and powerful dealer is Doflamingo.
    In the shadows, he goes by Joker.
    Moreover, Jokers biggest client is currently the Yonkou, Kaidou of the Hundred Beasts.
    Page 15:
    Kinemon: Nnahh!!!
    Zoro: Whats wrong?
    Kinemon: No!!
    Its nothing, that its not!!
    Please go on!
    Wahh!! What on earth is this, this dragon!!
    Whwheres Momonosuke!?
    Luffy: Thats him
    Kinemon: Wha!?
    Ahh!! Thats right, that it is
    I see so he came to be like that!!
    Law: What were after is none other than the head of the emperor, Kaidou!!!
    The key to doing this is to reduce the strength of his forces!!
    Kaidou has recently put in for a large purchase of fruits from Joker
    The artificial zoan type devil fruits known as SMILE
    Page 16:
    If theyre made artificially thered be no limit to the number of ability users he could have!!
    Law: Yes, thats correct.
    But it seems that theres a risk in using these artificial ones
    At present, Kaidou has over 500 ability users on his crew.
    Usopp: All those in favor of quitting!!!
    Chopper: Me
    Nami: Me
    Zoro: Be quiet.
    Law: But that number wont be increasing anymore.
    Sanji: Eh
    This guy!?
    CC: ShuShuroro
    Sfx: *blush*
    Chopper: Youre the one who made the source of those devil fruits, S.A.D.? Amazing!
    Usopp: Hes the culprit here! Dont praise him!!
    Page 17:
    Law: It was simply a practical application of the lineage factors that Vegapunk discovered.
    Chopper: That Vegapunk is really amazing
    CC: Shut up! Lets see you idiots try making it!!
    Morons that you are!!
    Joker is done for. Now we just have to move onto our next step.
    Somewhere in Dressrosa is the factory where they produce SMILEs
    Franky: So we should go and destroy it, yeah?
    Law: Thats right but our enemy is a business mastermind so dont get careless.
    Luffy: And thats also where you want to go, Kin!?
    Kinemon: Indeed I do!
    A comrade of mine!!!
    Is captured there!!!
    Page 18/19:
    Marines: Please stop!! Smo-yan is gonna die!!
    DD: Dont worry. Ill be killing you all as well!!!
    Theres no way of telling how much each of you know
    And then Law, and Strawhat too!!!
    Smoker: *cough*
    DD: Ill find them before this day is through!!!
    Big top panel:
    Kuzan: Arara Sorry about this, bro
    But Im gonna need to you get off of him.
    Bottom panels:
    Marines: EhEHHHH!!?
    Smoker: Haa
    Kuzan: Off of my friend, there.
    Editor blurb: Whys the man who retired from the Marines here!?

    698 mediafire

    ŜaŁMaŊ KiĐ ; 22-02-2013 02:22 PM

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    : (.. raw..)

    699 :

    one piece 699 raw



    One Piece Chapter 699
    Morning Edition
    Page 2:
    Editor blurb: A shocking appearance!!
    Marines: Ah
    Sfx: *crackle* *crack* *crackle* *crack*
    Page 3:
    Marines: Ehhh!!!
    Buffalo: Young master!!!
    B5: Young master
    Page 4:
    DD: Haa
    Page 5:
    Buffalo: Th thank goodness!!
    He wasnt frozen through and through!!
    Marines: Smo-yan
    DD: I dont much feel like fighting you fuffuffu!!
    But if Im unable to silence that man here and now
    Ill have to change my plans!!
    Tell me one thing.
    You now
    Whats your game!!?
    Page 6:
    DD: I havent heard good things
    Kuzan: Hey, hey
    Can I get some help over here?
    Marines: Aye aye!!
    DD: Fuffuffuffuffu!!!
    The face of a mere wanderer
    And that of a man with determination
    Theyre quite different!!
    Page 7:
    Kuzan: From the start
    I was never under the impression that the World Government was the end-all be-all.
    Even without Marine affiliation, one can accomplish many things.
    And there are many things that become clear after leaving the Marines behind
    Smoker: I was about to die.
    Kuzan: Fufufu hmm seems that what brought me here
    Was fate.
    Smoker: But why did you come?
    Kuzan: To see you.
    Page 8:
    Smoker: But how did you know to come here?
    You must have a connection with the underworld
    Hmm? Am I right?
    Marines: A a former Admiral with the und-
    Kuzan: If youre done fixing him up, then screw off!!
    Marines: Okay!!!
    Penguin sfx: *zzz*
    Kuzan: Its me, Smoker.
    Smoker: If thats what you say
    Page 9:
    Kuzan: Anyway dont take your eyes off of Doflamingo
    Hes a Shichibukai and the current king of Dressrosa
    But hes different from the Snake Princess of the Kuja. A pirate whos exceptional in more ways than one.
    Contact Sakazuki and tell him to mobilize the Admirals
    Things could go from bad to worse, and fast
    It could be the most dire situation
    That Sakazuki and his new Marine HQ have faced
    Ive given you fair warning
    Hey!!! You guys!!! The fact that we met
    Uh its a
    What was it again
    I forgot. Well, whatever.
    Marines: Its a secret that we met you, got it!!!
    Page 10:
    Text: That night, out at sea
    Someone: Its almost dawn, and nobodys shown up!!
    Think theyve lost our trail!!?
    How many thousands would be in the search party!? How many tens of thousands!?
    Usopp: After hearing you threaten Doflamingo like that
    Theres no way I can rest easy!!
    Chopper: Thats right, that it is!!
    Luffy: No need to worry, since we got this armor and these helmets from Kin
    Brook: Resign from the Shichibukai or tangle with an emperor what a choice
    Id expect he would just say no thanks to either and come to kill us, yo ho ho! Scary!!
    Kinemon: You! Draw your weapon!!
    And face me!!!
    Zoro: If youd just listen!! Cut it out!!
    Nami: Isnt doing this on the ship a bit dangerous!?
    Luffy: Oh, theyre playing samurai games
    Page 11:
    Kinemon: Ive misjudged you. That incident that had the whole country in tears
    Wano was in an uproar over the defiling of the grave of its hero!! And the culprit was you!!!
    Zoro: Like I said, youre wrong!!
    Kinemon: Am I, now!! What about that, at your waist!! Is that not the infamous sword Shusui, of the great swordsman, Ryuma!!!
    Sanji: Still going at it huh well, who wants a midnight snack?
    Luffy: Midnight snack! Whatre you making?
    Sanji: Pizza
    Kinemon: Pida!? Is that man making strange cuisine again?
    I wonder if Momonosuke is yet asleep.
    Nami: Oh, hes in the bath with Robin.
    All: Wha!!?
    Robin: Its been a while since youve bathed, huh.
    Are you all warmed up now?
    Momo: Yes. Im feeling quite well.
    Page 12:
    Robin: Ah perfect timing.
    Kinemon-san, do you have the boys kimono?
    All: What does that brat think hes doing!!!
    Brook: Thats pretty sneaky!!
    Sanji: Take advantage of being a kid, will you!?
    Kinemon: Hold still while I cut your topknot!!!
    Nami: You people!!! Cut that out! Who goes around bullying children!!?
    Kinemon: Upuu.!!!
    Sanji: Youre wrong, Nami-san!!! Thats no mere kid
    Page 13:
    Momo: That was scary, that it was, mlady
    Nami: Eh <3 Mlady!? No, stop it, go on
    This kid... Momo-chan is so cute <3 He gets to sleep in my room <3
    All: What!!? The secret flower garden that is a womans room!!?
    Sfx: *grin*
    All: Hes a lowdown dirty brat, that he is!!!
    Owl: *hoot* *hoot*
    Usopp: We cant be sure they havent found us yet!! Doflamingo!! If youre coming, then come already!!
    Actually, dont come!!
    Chopper: No no way Im sleeping!!
    Page 14:
    Sanji: That perverted brat right about now, hes with Nami-san and Robi-chan That bastard
    Kin: I I cant bring myself to sleep!!
    Franky: Fuahhh
    Nothing strange on the horizon
    Momo: Mmph
    News Coo: Coo Coo
    Brook: Its~Morning~Yohohohoho~Aw~Yeah~
    Papers~Here~Hey~Come on
    Luffy: Hmm?
    Law: If he did it, great. If not
    Page 15:
    Donquixote Doflamingo
    Resigns from Shichibukai!!!
    And hes abdicated the throne of Dressrosa!!?
    Usopp: He really quit!!!
    Ththrone!!? He was a king too!!?
    Luffy: King!? King of the birds!?
    Franky: I think its actually ominous that things are going so smoothly
    Page 16:
    Law: No, this is good.
    This was his only option!!!
    CC: Joker!! To go to such lengths, for me
    Luffy: But why do they have our faces here too!?
    All: Huh?
    Text: Shichibukai Trafalgar Law and the Strawhat Crew have formed an unprecedented alliance
    It is unknown how the government will judge Law on this
    Page 17:
    Text: All over the world
    Pirate: What the hell! Check out todays paper!!
    Doflamingo has quit the Shichibukai, Law and Strawhat have teamed up
    And these guys too!!?
    Kid!! Apoo!! Hawkins!!!
    Text: The Kid Pirate Crew, the On Air Pirate Crew, and the Hawkins Pirate Crew
    Have also, at this time, formed an alliance
    Over these two years, they- the problem children referred to as the eye of the storm- have come here
    And now theyve started teaming up, all at once!! What are they planning for the New World!?
    Luffy: Them too!! Wonder if theyre planning the same thing
    Law: Their business is their own Well proceed with our plan.
    Focus on Doflamingo
    Page 18:
    Law: Do you understand what a big deal this is? By simply kidnapping Caesar
    Doflamingo has, in a single night, both given up the position of king that hes held for 10 years
    And thrown away his right to plunder and pillage as he pleases as a Shichibukai.
    His answer to us is everything hes done in order to retrieve this one man!!
    By returning this guy, our dealings will be complete, but
    Text: Dressrosa
    In response to Doflamingos sudden abdication
    People: Your highness!!
    Text: The people have been thrown into confusion
    Editor blurb: The unrest is spreading!!


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    : (.. raw..)

    700 :

    one piece 700 raw


    [B][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]:
    One Piece 700
    At His Own Pace
    Cover Story:
    Caribous Kehihihihi in the New World
    Volume 21
    Returned out of curiosity, only to find a search party
    Page 2:
    Editor blurb: The news sweeps over the world!!
    Text: Even the largest waves, capable of destroying cities
    Begin as no more than
    Small ripples, unknown to all
    Someone: Hey, whats going to happen to our weapons trade with the Doflamingo Family!?
    Just now I tried contacting them, but!!
    No ones answering!!
    What do we do
    This is no laughing matter!!
    Without weapons, well lose the war!!!
    Those nasty rookies from two years ago have allied up!!!
    Bonney: Hmm
    Page 3:
    Someone: Theyre definitely planning something!!
    Doflamingo is out of the Shichibukai!!
    But why!? Isnt there any more information!?
    Text: New World: Kid Pirate Crews Hideout
    How did our alliance get leaked!!?
    Some freelancer named Absa. Whos he!?
    Hes been putting out a whole lot of scoops lately.
    Kid: Doesnt matter who leaked it, but
    The real problem is this Strawhat and Trafalgar!!
    I bet that their aim is the same as ours- taking down one of the Yonkou!!!
    But which one could it be!!?
    Page 4:
    Text: Dressrosa
    Someone: Your highness!!
    DD: Its me Ive resigned from the Shichibukai.
    Its him!
    Its really him!!
    Its Doflamingo!!
    Shhh!! Shhhh! Hell hear you guys!
    Page 5:
    Luffy: HELLO HELLO Im Monkey D. Luffy!!
    Im the man whos gonna be King of the Pirates!!!
    Usopp: Like I just said, shut up!!!
    Luffy: Hey, Mingo!!
    Are you that stupid Caesars boss? That guy caused all sorts of trouble for Brownbeard and the children!!
    Were gonna return Caesar to you, because that was the promise, but
    If you ever try something like that again, Ill kick your ass too!!!
    DD: Strawhat Luffy!! Its been two years since your brother died
    And then you just vanished. What were you doing, and where?
    Luffy: !!... Theres no way Im telling you about that!!
    DD: Fuffuffu Ive really been wanting to meet you
    Theres something I imagine you crave more than anything else in the world
    And Ive got it.
    Page 6:
    Luffy: HHey could it be some amazingly delicious meat!!?
    Law: Strawhat-ya!!
    Dont let him control the conversation at his own pace!!
    Luffy: One piece of meat <3 Two pieces of meat <3
    Usopp: Luffy!! Get with it!! Whatever hes playing at is sure to be bad news!!
    Law: Joker!! Enough with this idle chatter!!
    As promised, well return Caesar to you.
    DD: Yes. That would be wise.
    But even if you back down now and try to get away
    The next time we meet well, you understand.
    Fuffuffu!! Anyway first
    I need to know that my precious business partner is alive and well
    CC: Joker!!
    Im sorry! All for my sake, you quit the Shichibu-
    Page 7:
    Law: Eight hours from now!! At that isolated island to the north of Dressrosa
    On the southeastern beach of Green Bit!!
    Well deposit Caesar there at 3 pm
    Collect him as you please, but dont count on having any other contact with us.
    DD: Fuffuffu!! That makes me sad Id love to have a drink with you, now that youre all grown up
    Someone: Forget it!! Just hang up!!
    Luffy: Whew, that was close!! He almost had me!!
    Usopp: His eyes!! Look at his eyes!!
    Sanji: Hold on now, we dont know how many men hes bringing!!
    Page 8:
    Sanji: Whatll we do if he goes and brings his whole crew with him!!
    Law: That doesnt matter.
    As far as the plan goes, returning Caesar
    Is just a decoy.
    Usopp: You mean its all just so that we can go and destroy the SMILE factory?
    Law: Yes but
    I dont know where it is.
    Franky: If its a factory, then its bound to be big
    Ill super-figure-it-out once we get there
    And then Ill take it down one with one of my beams!!
    All: Big bro!!
    Law: Its just that the location. I havent been able to get any information about it.
    Nami: Its the enemys precious factory, right?
    There may be some sort of secret behind it.
    Page 9:
    Kin: Law-dono you said Green Bit, but
    Law: Dont worry. Well dock at Dressrosa.
    Luffy: Tora-man, have you been there before?
    To Dressroba?
    Translators note: Roba means old lady, hence the pun.
    Law: Its Ro-Sa.
    Luffy: -Rosa!!
    Law: I havent. Its a place Doflamingo ruled over as king.
    Luffy: Great, well figure everything out once we get there!!
    Shishishishi adventure, adventure!!!
    Dressrosa- this is gonna be fun!!
    And I cant wait to go to Wanokuni either!!
    Law: Dont be an idiot!! Weve got a plan to follow here
    Luffy: Sanji, Im hungry. Whats for breakfast!?
    Sanji: Sandwiches.
    Chopper: Ooh I want a cotton candy sandwich!!
    Robin: Just some tea, for me.
    Law: I dont really like bread.
    Page 10:
    Kin: I will not tell you by whom I was chased!!! But, originally
    I set out for a place called Zou
    Law: Zou!?
    Kin: Do you know of it!?
    Law: Just one coincidence after another!!
    After returning Caesar and destroying the SMILE factory
    My next target is Zou.
    My crew is there.
    Bepo: Ai Ai!
    Kin: Is that so!!? Then
    Might I request that we ride with you as far as
    Luffy: Sure, thats fine! Well go as far as Wanokuni, even!
    Law: Hey now!! Hold on
    Kin: Three samurai as well as Momonosuke Four in total set out for Zou, but
    We met with disaster
    Momonosuke and two of us samurai drifted ashore on Dressrosa
    Page 11:
    Momo: Alas, once there, we were pursued by one named Doflamingo and his people
    So I hid myself aboard an unknown ship, that I did!!
    There I met the children who sought a cure for their illness
    Unfortunately, before I knew it, the ship set sail for that island!!
    Right-side flashback bubble: Father!!
    Left side flashback bubble: Curses!! Momonosuke!!!
    Kin: While covering for me, a samurai named Kanjuro was taken hostage
    Kanjuro: Pursue Momonosuke!! That is all that matters!!
    Kin: He aided in my escape to sea, that he did!!!... I must rescue him!!!
    Kin: I must I must go back there!!!
    Franky: Wuohh!! What a man, that Kanjuro!!!
    Luffy: Alright!! Well help save him too!!
    Law: Dont lose focus of our goal
    Page 12:
    Text: The New World
    Near the Red Line
    Marine HQ
    Brannew: The Royal Shichibukai!!
    There are only seven in the world!!!
    Pirates chosen by the World Government and given permission to do as they please!!
    In exchange, when they are needed, they must lend their overwhelming power and renown
    To side with the government, as a check against the other pirates of the world!!
    Namecard text: Commodore Brannew (its just whats written in the background. No need to translate)
    Page 13:
    The greatest swordsman in the world
    Hawk Eyes Dracule Mihawk
    The king of Dressrosa, with the devils charisma
    Tenyasha Donquixote Doflamingo
    Translators note: Tenyasha roughly translates to Heavenly Devil, and the word comes partially from the Indian demon Yaksha
    Currently, the Marines human weapon
    The Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma
    The current empress of Amazon Lily
    The Pirate Empress Boa Hancock
    From The Worst Generation, and the mastermind behind the Rocky Port incident
    The Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law
    The living legend, and the commander of the Pirate Dispatch Organization
    The Thousand Piece Clown Buggy
    Along with the man I mentioned earlier
    That makes seven
    Page 14:
    But all of this only applied
    Until this morning!!
    Until Doflamingos sudden withdrawal!!
    And given whatever Law is up to, well have no choice but to expel him from the Shichibukai as well
    Along with Marine HQ and the Yonkou, the balance of three great powers of the world
    Will be thrown off
    Sakazuki: Yeah, we got it, Brannew
    All: Fleet Admiral!!
    Sakazuki: We wont let Law and Strawhat do as they please!!
    Yesterday we received an annoying report from G5s Smoker!!
    Well consider the situation for one more day
    Ive already sent Fujitora.
    Translators note: Roughly, Purple Tiger.
    Page 15:
    Text: Dressrosa
    Someone: Your highness!!
    Please dont abdicate!!
    B5: Trbol-sama!?
    Wheres Trbol-sama?
    Girl: Dunno
    Old woman: Young master must be thinking about what to do.
    Fat guy: If the Marines show up, Ill fight em!!
    Old guy: Everything will be fine as long as we obey the young master
    B5: Ah, up there!!
    Trbol: Oh, is that Baby-5? Have you seen? The whole country is in an uproar!
    No the whole world, I expect!!!
    Right? Right? By the way, was another fianc of yours blown away? Beheheh
    B5: Too close!! How many times have we had this conversation!! You just cant take a hint!!!
    Page 16:
    Trbol: Cant take a hint!? But? Hmm?
    Cant take a hint but what? What? Hmm
    Could it be, I cant take a hint, but you love me!?
    B5: Shut up already!! Young master is calling!!
    He told you to bring him *that*!! Get away from me! Youre disgusting!!
    Trbol: Youve just been picking men who end up getting killed by Doffy.
    Marry me, Baby-5!!
    As if!! Beheheheheheh!!
    B5: Does he need me!?
    Oldies: Cut that out!!!
    Sfx: *thump thump*
    DD: The colosseum is always doing well, thanks to you, Diamante.
    Translators note: Trbol is Spanish for clover, and Diamante, of course, means diamond.
    Diamante: Hardly we owe it all to your charisma, as King.
    DD: No. The praise goes to you.
    Diamante: Cut it out treating me like the hero of the colosseum.
    DD: But you are, in fact, the hero.
    Diamante: Naw I mean
    Page 17:
    DD: Okay then, youre not
    Diamante: If youre gonna go that far then Ill admit it!!!
    Thats right- Im the hero of the colosseum!!!
    Trbol: Hey, hey, hey
    Ive brought it, Doffy!!
    DD: Back up.
    Trbol: Back up, but!?
    DD: Thats better now sit.
    Trbol: Right!!
    DD: If he were to know about its existence
    Strawhat Luffy would surely come for this.
    And that alliance would become nothing but a burden to him!!
    Sfx: *gloop*
    Page 18:
    DD: Diamante, Im entrusting this with you.
    Diamante: Hold on, now, Doffy. You cant give it to me.
    DD: But I want to.
    Diamante: Cut it out treating me like some sort of genius.
    DD: But its something that can only be done by a genius like you.
    Diamante: Naw I mean
    DD: Okay then, youre not
    Diamante: If youre gonna go that far then I have no choice but to admit it!!!
    Thats right- that bastard, Strawhat!!! Just let him try to get it!!!
    DD: Fuffuffu I expect hell jump at the chance
    To get the fruit that bears his brothers ability, the Mera Mera no Mi!!
    He wouldnt want it falling into anyone elses hands!!!
    Page 19:
    Text: The island has come into view
    Luffy: Uho!! What a rough-looking island!!
    Were here!!!
    Usopp: Keep it down, idiot!!
    Doflamingoll hear you!!
    Zoro: I really doubt that.
    Kin: Ive come to save you!!! Kanjuro!!!
    Text: This is the country of love and passion- Dressrosa

    700 mediafire

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